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After Round 6 at Phakisa, several competitors’ engines were stripped to check specification tolerances against the rules.

Technical Components checked: The following vehicles were checked:
Bore B55 – Nic Clarke
Stroke B86 – Mile Stewart
Inlet and Exhaust Manifolds B121 – Brad Hall
Butterfly Sizes C34 – Shaun Crous
Valve Stem Sizes C161 – Zander Roos
Inlet Valves C14 – Sam Dale
Exhaust Valves  
Compression Ratio  
Combustion Chamber  
Cam Lobe Sizes  
Cam Lift  

All vehicles were found to be within legal tolerances of the specifications. Thank you Hannes Van Wyk for your consistency on this well executed check. It’s great to see that all competitors are racing according to the rules!


Noggin Dates 2015
Date Day
25 March Wednesday
6 May Wednesday
17 June Wednesday
12 August Wednesday
26 August Wednesday
30 September Wednesday
11 November Wednesday
25 November Wednesday